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From making a donation to gifting a membership, here are the ways you can support the Bob Dylan Center in its mission to inspire and celebrate fearless creativity by exploring the music and artistry of the Nobel Prize-winning singer-songwriter as a catalyst for personal expression and cultural change.

Young Bob Dylan playing harmonica in studio.
Image credit: Don Hunstein, 1963


Your tax-deductible donation will help preserve the Bob Dylan Archive® and support the center’s mission-based programming, including school outreach, guest artists and internship and fellowship opportunities.


When you become a Bob Dylan Center member, you join a global community of music aficionados and lifelong learners.

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Young Bob Dylan performing on stage with a bright camera flash.
Image credit: Feinstein, 1974

“And it is a living monument: an entrancing, immersive, take-you-by-the-lapels destination that doubles as a campus for learning and exploring.”

Douglas Brinkley – Vanity Fair


The Bob Dylan Center gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our key donors, partners and members.

Alex King and Elizabeth Bumgarner
Kenneth and Amanda Lawrence
Amy Khoudari
Andy Hertzfeld
Andy Marcum
Angelene Wright
Roger and Ann McNamee
Anna Mastroianni and Gregory Shaw
Douglas and Anne Brinkley
Anne Margaret Daniel and Elinor Case-Pethica
Anthony and Kimberly Cardillo
ASM Global
Barry and Judy Ollman
Beverly Schaffer
Bill and Rozann Knight
Bill Pagel
Bob Guest
BOK Center
Brenda Brothers
Carlo Fitzgerald Feltrinelli
Caroline Crawford Labé
Casey Kittel
Catherine and Tom Davenport
Charlene Ripley
Charles and Susan Harris
Chase Gilomen
Cheryl and Richard Groenendyke
Constance Seay
Dale E. Huff
Danell Gavares
David and Patricia Eckstrom
David Bush
David R. Massey, MD
David Walker
Dean C. Williams
Deborah Brewer
Dennis Baker
Dennis Bond
Dennis Neill and John Southard
Diana Lynn Kobus
Dimitrios Douros
Doug Parker
Douglas and Anne Brinkley
Douglass Norton
Dr. Jeremy K. Hodges
Dr. Kayla Hale
Dr. Pat Pappas
Drew Winn
Katie Wilkes and Dylan Cope
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation
Earl Minnis
Edith and Glenn Wilson
Elizabeth Steffen
Eric and Jerusha Allen
Eric Stone
Franck and Arielle Bellaiche
Frederic Dorwart
Gary Kuck
Gay and Lawrence Hellman
Gayle and Bill Meyer
Geoffrey A. Oelsner Jr.
George Kaiser Family Foundation
Gilcrease Museum
Hardesty Family Foundation
Henriette Cramer
In Memory of LeRoy Hoikkala
In Memory of Dan Young
In Memory of Michael B. Chambers
In Memory of Rod Yack
Jackie Deatherage
Eric and Jacque Scholl
Jacqueline Kinney
Jacquelyn E. Vinson
James A. Higgins
James Fleming
James Guerinot
James Higgins
James O'Sullivan
James Rodgers
Jan Marks
Jeff Friedman
Jeff Gold and Jody Uttal
Jeff Rosen
Jeffrey and Anne Trinklein
Jenny Norton and Bob Ramsey
Jeremy Hodges
Jerry Schatzberg
Jessica Bond and August Freistedt
Jill and Robert Thomas
Jim and Dianna Wagner
Jim Coles
Jim Irsay
Jimmie Purvis
Jo Ferguson
Joel Nunneley
Linda and John Campbell
John Benear
John McCutcheon
John Wray Hammond lll
Jordan Gran
Joseph P. Donnelly
Joseph Schulte and Vicki Canty
Joshua Nelson
Julian Brooks
Julie Skye
Kathleen Hudson
Kathryn Maher
Kathryn Thomas
Kathy and Bob Shahan
Katie and Seth Tsuru
Ken and Janet Levit Family
Kenneth Orth
Kevin Flloyd
Kevin and Susan Odegard
Kristin Schloesser
Krystal Reyes
Larry Jenkins
Laura Renwick and Jim Nichols
Lee and Pam Eslicker
Lee Johnson
Lee Parker
Leigh and John Reaves
Leighton Grist
Little Johnny Koerber
Lynn Blankenship
Marian and Dennis Bires
Marie Martin
Mark Geurkink
Marla Mansfield
Mary Anne Lewis
Mary Herr Tally and Rusty Tally
Mary Maceda Keymer
Mary Maceda Keymer in memoriam of Sean Boneri
Meghan and Mason Cunningham
Kristin and Matt Simonsen
Matt Weinberger
Matthew Armstrong
Matthew Schultz
Maureen and John Copp
Melvin Orr
Meredith and Derek Smith
Michael Boulden
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Parks
Michael Yarnall
Mitch Blank
Pamela Whitener
Nabil Srouji
Nancy and Phil Hammond, Jr.
Nancy Cobb
Nanu and Fred Dorwart
Sherry and Neil Zimmerman
Nelson French
Nicole Munoz
Nina and Michael Zilkha
Parker Brothers
Patricia Frisbee
Patti and Craig Johnson
Paul Schmitz
Peggy Upham
Peter Abzug and Joann Kotsarelis
Peter Maltese
Peter S. Gregory
Rani Singh
Reid Vaccari
Richard Higgs
Richard Story
Rick Trautner
Robert Mailer Anderson and Nicola Miner
Robert Rulon-Miller
Robert Russell
Robin and Stephen Bishop
Robyn and Larry Ewing
Roger A. Golliver and Karen E. Stratton
Russ Heldman
Sam Young
Shari Smith
Shawna and Tony Gehres
Sheri and Charles Stinson
Skip and Kimberly Klintworth
Sony Music Entertainment
Stacey and Aaron Goodwin
Stephen Sullens
Sterling (Terry) Ross
Steve and Pamela Argue
Steve Harber
Steven Argue
Susan and Bill Thomas
Susan and Robert Mase
Susan Anderson Catmull
Susie Resecker
Teresa Knox and Ivan Acosta
Terry and Pamela Marple
Terry Gans/Shirley and David B Sykes Family Foundation
Terry Ross
The Church Studio Music Foundation
The Darby Family
The Guy & Phyllis Logsdon Family
The Hecksher Family
The Richman Family Foundation
Tim and Mary Whelan
TJ McDonald
Tom Adelson
Tom Kirkpatrick
Universal Music Publishing Group
University of Tulsa
Vickie Kaplan
Vincent LoVoi and Beatriz Pérez
Watt Casey
William T. Vogt, Jr.
Woody Guthrie Center
WPX Energy Legacy/Devon Energy Corporation
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Gift memberships are a wonderful way to share the gift of Bob Dylan Center admission and event access while supporting the center’s mission.

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