Bob Dylan Center

Bob Dylan backstage at The Palace Theater along the Rolling Thunder Revue.

, WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT — Bob Dylan backstage at The Palace Theater along the Rolling Thunder Revue.

Dylan has invented himself. That is, from the things he had around him and inside him. The point isn’t to figure him out but to take him in. What happens when someone invents something outside himself like an airplane or a freight train? The thing is seen for what it is. It’s seen as something incredible because it’s never been seen before, but it’s taken in by the people and changes their lives in the process. They don’t stand around trying to figure out what it isn’t, forever. They use it as a means to adventure.

Photo by Ken Regan, Text by Sam Shepard from Rolling Thunder Logbook.

The Bob Dylan Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma — The Bob Dylan Center is dedicated to the study and appreciation of Bob Dylan and his worldwide cultural significance through six prolific decades of his groundbreaking creative endeavors, from his songwriting and recordings to live performances, books and films. As the primary public venue for The Bob Dylan Archive, the Center will curate and exhibit a priceless collection of more than 100,000 items including handwritten manuscripts, notebooks and correspondence; films, videos, photographs and artwork; memorabilia and ephemera; personal documents and effects; unreleased studio and concert recordings; musical instruments and many other elements. The Bob Dylan Center is expected to open in the Tulsa Arts District in 2021.

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