Bob Dylan Center Tulsa, OK

Mitch Blank: Collection Officer

October 21, 2023 1-2pm

Mitch Blank: Collection Officer

October 21, 2023 1-2pm

A conversation with Dr. Mark A. Davidson
Blessed and cursed with the acquisitive instinct, lifelong Bob Dylan superfan Mitch Blank has spent decades tracking down the rarest of rare Dylan recordings and memorabilia. Every impeccably organized nook and cranny of Blank’s West Village apartment is filled with priceless materials, and he has long served as a guiding light for fellow Dylanologists by hosting friendly gatherings among his treasure trove, upholding ethical collecting standards and helping to secure important items for the Bob Dylan Archive. Earlier this year, the Archive acquired a significant portion of Blank’s collection — nearly 10,000 items — which staff members are now cataloguing and preparing for eventual display at the Bob Dylan Center.
In conjunction with the opening of the “Mixing Up the Medicine” exhibition at the center and the publication of the accompanying catalogue, Blank will offer a sneak peek of collection highlights and join American Song Archives Senior Director of Archives and Exhibitions Mark Davidson for an in-depth discussion of the surprising twists and turns his pursuits have taken, his decision to entrust the Bob Dylan Archive with his lovingly assembled collection and the enduring appeal of Dylan as a catalyst for magnificent obsession.
For a glimpse into Mitch Blank’s apartment and mindset, please view this video profile:


Saturday, Oct. 21 at 1 p.m.

Bob Dylan Center

Darby Family Screening Room

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